Alice Harper

The Sankofa Journey

The future of education will have a core focus on accessibility for all. Gaining an education and qualifications will no longer happen only within classrooms or educational settings; it will occur anywhere and at any time, becoming more tailored to individual needs. There will be a new priority on gaining several mini credentials which can show a broad range of practical and academic skills. 

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The Sankofa Journey platform helps more individuals to reach their career or personal goals. It was created to support the large numbers of people who have been missing out on an education due to barriers such as a lack of resources, young pregnancies, religious priorities, gender inequality, travel distances or financial hardship. The platform matches university students with those who are unable to continue their education. Through mentoring and passing on knowledge, a new and more equal future can be created within communities. Once the pupil has completed enough lessons, they can become a mentor and carry on sharing their knowledge with others which creates a continuous cycle of skill-sharing.

Sankofa is an African word from the Akan tribe in Ghana.

It is the wisdom in learning from the past, which ensures a strong future.”

SAN: return

KO: go

FA: look, seek and take

The platform has been inspired by this word to encourage the sharing of knowledge, building stronger connections within communities and supporting the growth of individuals and their educational journeys.