Breagh Baird


CultivAid is a system that uses digital technology to support and encourage indigenous farming methods and sharing of knowledge between rural farming communities throughout the world.

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The system helps farmers assess important factors affecting growth of crops such as soil conditions and climactic events in response to challenges posed by abnormal environmental conditions resulting from the Earth’s changing climate. The CultivAid wearable sensor begins collecting and transferring data to the CultivAid Platform when the farmer begins physically interacting with the land. Through using indigenous techniques, the senses are correlated to the changing climate whilst being educated on how to predict approaching weather, soil hydration, nutrient level, and pH balance. The farmer inputs their predictions into the interface and upon correct estimations, the sensor reveals the data along with basic advice so that changes that might affect their crop yield and productivity are anticipated. For in depth soil analysis, advice or to trade knowledge and supplies with fellow CultivAid users, the farmer can access the CultivAid Platform through the app, creating a global farming community with the key aim to adapt and survive as climate change progresses.