Conor Keenan

The Usual Place

The Usual Place is a framework of three core beliefs; ‘pride of place and tradition, cultural mobility in sound, and committed and connected community’ and is identified by its special symbol.

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This results in a community of music makers and consumers, a community that can manifest in whatever form the surrounding socio-economic climate permits, from a global network where the technology is in place, to simply a physical space where thoughts, beliefs and cultures can be shared and cultivated.

As an example, The Usual Place is envisioned within a South African community in 2030 where conglomerates have homogenized the music industry and diluted the unique sense of culture. In opposition to this, user subscribe to an independent set-up and receive unique local music weekly, whereby they enjoy the exclusive tracks at home before exchanging it for new content. This forms a closed, circular platform based on the continuous sharing of what is not only independent music, but a sense of pride in locality. The pride users feel in their local culture helps to unite the community, facilitating future-development thought processes that have originated from within a culture and place, and thus have more chance of being location-tailored and sustainable.