Hyun Jee Yang


The ‘EmpowHer’ menstruation kit was developed in response to a lack of education and resources about female hygiene and care knowledge in some developing regions.

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This kit aims at women going through menstruation in the Global South to provide context and education for older and younger generations of women. This project helps to normalize and turn the process from scary into anticipatory and teach women how their bodies will be changing and that they will need to stay happy and healthy. The kits will begin to build up a culture of women supporting each other and celebrating their bodies.

When the daughter approaches the age where she may have her period, the mothers can sign up for this service, which would be provided by the United Nations or organisations supporting human equality and women’s rights. The first thing that will arrive is an informational kit for the mothers so she will have education and context if her daughter has questions about her upcoming menses. The mother will have time to feel comfortable enough to understand and able to explain about the menstruation cycles. Then the prepubescent girl will receive information about her menstrual cycle, with the ‘EmpowHer’ kit when she has her first symptoms.

The kit has a booklet containing information about symptoms, the process of menstrual care, and other general period knowledge. Along with products including instructions on how to make a sanitary pad and panty. It also includes a water purifying bottle to clean and hygiene of reusable pads and underwears, important vitamins in the form of sweets, a pouch to carry and put menstruation products in, and a test that can be used to check blood for diseases.

In 10 years, eventually, the daughter may become the mother and will begin the same process from a new perspective. This should lead the global south to cultural progress in the future and hopefully begin to create generations of women who support each other through their menstrual lives. And the EmpowHer service aims to help girls throughout this transition and promotes communication between different generations of women.