João Vidal Lourenço


Belief systems define the fundamental worldview of a culture by explaining aspects of the natural and metaphysical world and delineating the psychological and social practices and ideals of a society.

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Minority communities’ beliefs have been put aside by centuries of colonization. This concept asks us to imagine “What if these aspects of culture were to be valued, protected, and celebrated?” 

Tribal mythologies are turned into artefacts, designed to invite exploration and trigger questions to start discussion with elder members and unveil stories, the oldest mechanism for learning. 

These are to be used as an introduction to education: Virtues such as good judgement, to be aware of our roots, and also placing deeper philosophical questions of our origin and meaning of life, closer and earlier in education.

The aesthetics of these artefacts would reflect their characters attributes and the materials of their village natural environment.

They are accompanied with information about its story and ways to interact with its represented deity through the divine realm, either with prayer, music, or other rituals.