Marta Kawecka


A waste material system that preserves craft skills across generations and communities to produce innovative, sustainably sensitive products of the future.

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This system allows craft to appear more prominently in the intersection between modern technology and design and the space between human and machine made. The future collaboration between the older generation of artisans and the younger generation of innovators allows for conservation of the traditional craft of weaving as well as intertwining the skill and technology to generate innovative products. This opens up the opportunity and space for collaboration between the two diverse disciplines and generations. Craft and the skill of making such as weaving is very important for the artisans. This intersection between the two is an opportunity for the artisans to continue passing their skills, however, their weaving skills are translated in an innovative way where the end products of such collaboration promote the cultivation of artisanal spirit of preservation, whilst pushing the boundaries of traditional hand skills.

The product is made from a material resulting from the by-product of an orphan crop fonio (Acha) originally consumed and cultivated in the countries of West Africa. As a result, the system of the Wove In collaboration and end products, also advocates for the preservation of orphan crops, their biodiversity, food security and sustainable use of land. Creating the opportunity to move away from mass crops and promoting/regenerating traditional agricultural practices in a new sustainable way.