Nella Piatek


The Habitat Education and Restoration Agency (H.E.R.A.) is a government-funded organisation whose mission is to shape and instill sustainable, habitual behaviours in participants.

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This speculative system is placed in a preferable future where the Sustainable Belt, an area between the urban and the rural, is dedicated to educating the population on how to live with the health of all of Earth’s occupants in mind. The project draws attention to how our environment influences our behavioural habits and makes a statement that wellbeing and future thinking should no longer be a luxury. Thus by designing an ultimate self-sufficient sustainable habitat, it shows how an environmentally conscious mindset could spread across society.

H.E.R.A. gives individuals from urban and rural communities the chance to devote a stage of their lifetime to the Sustainable Belt. Each individual across society is given a obligatory 6 month period, where they are asked to participate in the program at any given time of their life, along with a possibility of revisiting the compounds gradually throughout their life. Participants undertake a personality test to determine skills, strengths and behaviours that are used to place them in a relevant sector where they contribute to the growth of the community. In this manner, the project aims to equip and empower people to gain and grow their ecological knowledge and develop sustainable habitual behaviour that can then impact their local communities.